Twice suffers similar airport situation in Vietnam

Article: First Taeyeon and now Twice… dangerous airport situation for ‘Carefree Travelers’

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+4,719, -72] Seems the producers didn’t think it’d be a big deal and didn’t get enough security. I saw the airport clips and Jung Hyung Don protected Twice all the way to the bus.

2. [+3,264, -58] I don’t get how the airport did nothing to at least try and get people into lines and following rules when there’s all those people

3. [+2,504, -44] Must’ve been hard with everyone out of line ㅠ it’s not only Twice, seems like a dangerous situation for all girl groups and celebrities ㅠ hope everyone sees this and steps up security

4. [+2,407, -41] Isn’t the point of having managers and bodyguards for situations like this… Will agencies not get it until a big accident actually happens?

5. [+1,756, -124] Twice handled it really well all things considered… please get them more security

6. [+343, -10] It would’ve been super dangerous if someone who actually had ill intentions for Twice or Taeyeon made it in there…

7. [+301, -11] I just don’t get why fans think it’s appropriate to physically touch them like that.. I was just watching clips and felt grossed out seeing that, imagine how they actually feel..

8. [+278, -9] Touching someone without their consent is a crime.. and it makes me sad that agencies could predict situations like this and still not do anything about it

9. [+222, -10] Hopefully this is an opportunity for South East Asian countries to start following rules and lines. I remember Korean airports were a mess back then too.

10. [+175, -4] Agencies and shows need to start sending people beforehand to check on situations and add security as needed

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