Sulli shows a cold stomach look at 'Loewe' event

Article: Sulli ‘side stomach cut out~’

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+4,085, -72] Is this a dress specifically for appendectomies?

2. [+2,241, -103] What kind of dress is this…

3. [+2,320, -326] She is disgustingly bad at dressing herself

4. [+1,785, -227] Total fail of styling… hair, make up, clothes, lens… none of it matches ㅠ

5. [+1,214, -86] You’d freeze to death if you wore this outside today

6. [+531, -25] That smile used to be so fresh and cute in the past… now it doesn’t matter what she does, she just never looks clean. This is why your actions as a person are so important..

7. [+417, -16] You have to admit it’s a skill to be able to make money entirely off of your face like this. She doesn’t do dramas because it’s too tough apparently. She really must have no stresses in life.

8. [+621, -110] Oh look, she’s wearing a bra today

9. [+332, -16] Admit it Sulli-ya, you’d never buy this dress on your own if it wasn’t sponsored

10. [+385, -44] Still an attention wh*re

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