Son Naeun reps clarify the phone case and cigarette picture

Article: [Official statement] Son Naeun reps, “The ‘phone case’ controversy is a misunderstanding… the cigarettes belong to a staff”

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+567, -103] This isn’t a comment directed at Son Naeun but I worked as a broadcast staff for 7 years and it’s actually rare to find a female celebrity who doesn’t smoke

2. [+522, -39] Go Hyun Jung smokes, a lot of female celebrities smoke, no harm in just admitting it.

3. [+455, -35] We expected this to be the response

4. [+49, -9] I mean, f*ck, so what if she smokes? She’s not a little kid, she’s an adult. It’s not like she’s affecting anyone with it.

5. [+42, -9] ㅋㅋ Is she not allowed to smoke or something?

6. [+34, -11] What’s it matter if she smokes or not?

7. [+33, -4] It’d probably be faster to find a female celebrity who doesn’t smoke than one who does

8. [+31, -6] I still don’t get why her phone case was controversial… it doesn’t even matter if she’s a feminist or not, are people not allowed to have simple phrases like that? People are too bothered by everything with it.

9. [+30, -0] I don’t know anyone who puts their cigarette pack to the opposite side of them

10. [+21, -2] Why is she getting crap about smoking? There are male celebrities who continue promoting just fine after drug scandals and all. She’s not a minor, she didn’t do drugs… all this fuss over cigarettes? If it’s going to be this problematic, then make it an actual law that prohibits female celebrities from smoking. Until then, it’s not a big deal.

11. [+21, -5] Well she’s not going to say the pack is hers. And what kind of staff would leave it just on the table next to her like that?

12. [+17, -3] It’s obvious that she was sitting on that side by herself. There’s no evidence of another person sitting by her with the forks and all ㅋㅋㅋㅋ and why would a staff put their cigarette pack in a spot that isn’t their own seat? It’s obviously hers, she’s just denying it because she’s an idol. She’s an adult anyway.

13. [+13, -3] I’d accept the excuse if it was a two person seat but she’s sitting there alone… why would a staff put their pack there

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