DAY6 Jae comments on Youtube video of long padding trend

Youtuber ‘Asian Boss’ uploaded a video on Korea’s trend of long padding. The content is about how not having a long padding makes you a low class and that people won’t wear it a few years later because a past trend is considered embarrassing. The interview fishes for negative answers.

DAY6 member Jae commented on the video:


Instiz: A celebrity who gave an honest opinion on a twisted Youtube video on Korea’s long padding trend

– First of all, Korean students have to wear skirt uniform in this weather…

– Try to endure Korean winter and see if it’s just for the sake of trend

– I wouldn’t be able to go outside if it’s not the long padding… I’d even wear a spacesuit padding

– I support Park Jehyung’s opinion!

– Do well DAY6!!!

– If you think it’s only a trend, try wearing it… It’ll change the quality of your life

– Why does the Youtuber make me a low class ㅋㅋㅋㅋ So upsetting. DAY6-nim hwaiting!!

– Hul, he’s the guy who’s good at badminton, right? Wow, he’s cool…

(Thanks to @shndysx for the request!)

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